Sunday, April 08, 2007

REPERKUSSIONZ is a totally self-financed work, with a one-person crew. Thus, its progression is determined by how far I can stretch my time and bank account. As has happened far too often since live-action production wrapped, I recently had a shocking increase in personal expenses. This means I have to expend ever-increasing time and effort to pay the bills, thus REPERKUSSIONZ is painfully neglected. At the end of a typically demanding workday, there's very little energy left for my own project, which at the moment is match-moving REPERKUSSIONZ live action and compositing into it monsters and rocketships and explosions. I'm in the middle of two animation contracts at the moment. I hope I can stretch the payday from these, after their completion, to allow me to tend to REPERKUSSIONZ for a few weeks or months.

Until the happy day when I can present some actual damn completed sequences, here's a stopgap for the two or three of you who are paying attention. This is the intro to the teasers, which I plan to dribble out as they're completed. It establishes the general REPERKUSSIONZ ambience.

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