Monday, November 30, 2009

The production of REPERKUSSIONZ continues, but it's slowed to a sub-glacial pace, as opposed to the previous drying-paint pace. The economic bumps in the road, described in earlier posts, have become frequent enough to transform the discrete thumps into a megahertz whine.

Why I am I posting now? I just bumped into Pondo at the drug store, and that reminded me I hadn't updated this blog in forever. I haven't seen him in, like, two years? He lives a half-block away, so travel distance prevents casual contact. It's true. I almost never leave my apartment. It would probably be best if you believe that's a joke.

I see Desiree more often, maybe twice a year, because she is my niece by marriage (as of last December) and even I can't escape every family event.
Remember, GOOGLE's "Desiree Ferrari" is not the same as REPERKUSSIONZ's "Desiree Ferrari". It's a common name, and your confusion is forgiven.

So... REPERKUSSIONZ... to be released by world's end - or sooner!


Anyway... at the moment, I have no work on my desk. Prospects look dim as the economy collapses. My answering machine insists someone calling himself a "landlord" wants "money", although I'm not sure what those fancy financial terms mean. The bright side? Down time means more time to attend REPERKUSSIONZ duties. Last time I said that, a motion graphics job that lasted four months suddenly materialized. Cross fingers and wish for the most pleasant outcome...

Perhaps REPERKUSSIONZ will be completed on a PC plugged into my Toyota's cigarette lighter.

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