Friday, October 05, 2012

Good Hebbins.

It's been a while. Some day soon I'll have to upload the trickle of newly-finished REPERKUSSIONZ stuff. More shots are done. Upconverting to HD has presented some issues (the project has been going on so long, HD wasn't a mandatory thing when it started). In most instances, it's actually easier to simply re-do entire shots. On the upside, some new software has made other animation processes go more quickly.

Meanwhile, a steady stream of other work crosses the desk, most mundane but some slightly more interesting, such as this ten-day quicky video for previous collaborator VOLT 9000's song TRANCERS:

Anyway, REPKUSSIONZ lives on! Although, the tubes rammed up its nose and the bolted-on diaper make it difficult to jump around in the sprightly fashion once afforded by youth.

Watch this space. No one can hear you scream here. 

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