Friday, January 26, 2007

Editing REPERKUSSIONZ reveals that it will have almost no "filmmaking technique". The live-action scenes were shot three or more times each, as identically as possible, from three or more different angles. Cutting between them creates a 3-camera sitcom feel. The action sequences, of which there are quite a few, are cut to the beat of the score, which make them resemble rock videos or theme song intros. For better or worse, REPERKUSSIONZ will be distinctive.

I applied for a grant to help complete REPERKUSSIONZ a year or so ago. A positive response seemed distantly possible. People get money for the damndest "art projects" all the time. The grant form was simple, not the usual three-inch tall stack of papers. After a couple of months, I got a response.

►Reperkussionz◄ was respectfully declined because my project was said to be "a regurgitation of oddly-combined visual concepts from Saturday morning cartoons and lowbrow science fiction movies, with no serious message" and I'm like, "Well, duh". Probably I should have submitted a different written description, detailing the intent to ironically use well-worn pop-culture symbols to cleverly attack, from the viewpoint of an HIV-positive trans-gendered polar bear, the genocidal genital mutilators of East Brunswick. Then, once I got the money, I'd say "Fork off, ya pretentious bastids" and I'd go buy some sweet rilms for my Chevette. I mean, finish REPERKUSSIONZ.


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