Monday, January 08, 2007

Dave Redl independently produces FAMILY PANTS. The cartoon is funny and well-done, and there's a section of his FAMILY PANTS journal that details the nutzen bolts of banging your head against the wall at home alone in the quest to make entertaining moving imagery.

An article that spoke directly to me is:
Production Notes and Anecdotes 2
"Simplify, Simplify and Simplify!

I should have approached REPERKUSSIONZ with this philosophy from the beginning, instead of designing impossibly ambitious sequences that need to be streamlined and streamlined, then streamlined again to fit within the capabilities of one guy working in spare time with a modest render farm. It seems I would know better, having produced animation full-time since 1998. REPERKUSSIONZ will be a thing of blinding wonder, of course - just a bit more sub-dood than originally intended. Redl speaks of 2D FLASH, while I work in 3D, but the idea is the same: Don't bury your independent project in massive complexity that would require an expensive crew and/or years to complete. Duh!

Redl's site:


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