Thursday, August 25, 2005

Every day I work with this footage, and it reminds me of the good humor and patience Desiree and Pondo brought to this humble, weird production. I hadn't typed up the script before production began, so it was all in sloppy handwritten form. Every night, I'd type and print out just enough to cover the next day's shooting. The actors never saw their lines until just before they had to deliver them, and they frequently had to say long strings of multi-syllabic nonsense words. They also saw none of the script in sequence, so I'm not sure even now they have any idea what exactly this thing is about. Many pivotal scenes are completely animated, so there was no need to print out scripts for those. There were rewrites done as the script was being typed, and some changes were improvised on the set, inspired by suggestions from Des and Pondo. I get tentative calls from them sometimes, asking what completed footage there is to see. Very soon the first teaser will be done.


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