Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The live action has been "in the can" for a short while, needing only a couple minutes of pickups to fill in some sloppy holes. The three main non-animated characters are played by famed wrestler Madman Pondo Cannady as Buck, Desiree Ferrari as Hentai, and Wayne "Raw Talent" Stanfield as Tool. It was challenging shooting a planet-hopping extragalactical epic in a 13X13 foot temporarily-converted garage with a low ceiling. There wasn't a lot of elbow room for all the crazy wild adventure. Thanks to DESTINY IMAGES for the use of its garage.

This blog will be updated as frequently as showy new parts of REPERKUSSIONZ are finished. That won't be every day. The completion date of this movie has been pushed back with every time-consuming outside animation job I get. Now it looks like REPERKUSSIONZ will be done mid-2006 instead of early in 2006 as I had hoped.

You can hear part of the musical score to REPERKUSSIONZ here.

A few stills from the shoot:

An early composite from the PUSHIM UPPATONI sequence:


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