Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's like stacking grains of sand, and it's simultaneously amusing and frustrating.

I knew finishing a feature-length, almost completely animated, epic science fiction project by myself would be, at best, slow going. I was lucky enough recently to land enough paying jobs to continue eating, but they took way more time than I would have preferred. So, my timetable is skewed, and the completion date of the delightfully-named REPERKUSSIONZ is pushed back, and back, and back again. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone good enough and dumb enough to work for free and provide acceptable results in terms of 3D animation and compositing. So, the crew is still just me and the first teaser/trailer - which I had planned for completion by August of 2005 - should drop in January 2006. Keep your eyeballs compulsively peeled...


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